Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Duplicate Content Is the easy way to copy?

Duplicate Content - Or double content, it is a pitfall for SEO.

A page that is much copied, can experience challenges in relation to Duplicate Content.

What is Duplicate Content

If you copy your text from another page, Wikipedia as an example, there will be 2 pages are same, or Google or other search engines will see them equal.

If Google finds out that it is copied, Google will provide the pages they view as being most important, and then place your hand on page 4, position number 40 (10 per page).

Since you are working with and trying to get out, can be made ​​according to the rules but still you will get a location far away from page 1


We have based their business on delivering relevant results to us. If all pages are copied, it will say that Google at the front can get to pressure provides 10 pages where design is different, but the content is the same.

It would not, because they will deliver quality results, and that is that they try to guess what we are looking for.

No one wants to see the same results in the first 10 positions.