Tuesday, January 22, 2013

SEO madness: Action money out the window 2.0

SEO madness, So I decided just to throw another one of the big 3 month packages with SEO on Amino Auction. It has a value of 15,000 dollars for 3 months. What is the package sold for? Yes at least 15,000 crowns ... And what does this offer extra crazy. It is that I have to put my prices up sharply from February to new customers. The clients I have had the last year and in January will continue to run at the same price level. But I simply have limited space for new customers ... I will not be a crying face, because this is very positive for my own business, but I am a little sad to have to cost more money for you customers, which also means that there may is a small group of the very small and new start-ups that I can serve.

It is a shame in one sense, but it is also because, to my current customers want more and more and it's not because I am not very pretty or appealing, no reason is solely that it gives them a good value.Therefore, I raise the price from next month (February) and put up the price of a 3-month-round SEO package. The price of the package I have up for auction this month with a value of USD1500 rising to USD2000 from February of. That said I'm worth this price for my customers, and the price may well vary from project to project. Some projects may advantageously be half as expensive while others will be much more advantageous to send the double headed for. Each of my tailored packages are specifically tailored to each customer. Therefore, I recommend some of my customers a smaller package than the standard SEO package I have listed below benefit package. Other companies will miss absurd lot of money if they made do with a package of 20 My project is not just to sell packages once, but to create long-term relationships with my customers. That I know of only one way I can do and that is to create added value for my clients through SEO. Put another way Good business for me is good business for my clients.Prices for link building packages will not increase immediately.