Monday, February 11, 2013

SEO Tips to Increase Alexa Rankings

Advancement in the field of information technology has also changed the way people do business. A large number of people now have their own websites to promote their products , online shopping stores  & services and they are always on the lookout for tips to improve performance of their websites to make profit out of it. Hence, they are ready to do anything to achieve High Rankings and increase website traffic.

One of the most tried and tested methods of improving web traffic and profit from a website, is to improve the Alexa rankings. It helps a lot in gaining advertisments , selling Links and space for banners. What is Alexa? Alexa is a website that provides information on traffic levels in different websites. Almost all website owners join Alexa to remain updated about the performance of their own website.

It is important for the websites to rank higher in Alexa in order to increase credibility , attract advertizers and seo traffic. Now there are several ways of improving Alexa rankings. Some of the most effective ways are discussed here.

Install Alexa Toolbar and Set Your Website as Home Page.

If you are planning to improve your website’s Alexa ranking, your first step should be to install the Alexa Toolbar in your browser. You should then set your website as your home page. Hence, whenever you open the browser, it will be counted by the Alexa Toolbar as one hit. Thus, it is likely to improve the ratings provided by Alexa to your website, thereby enhancing the rankings as well.

Request Visitors to Write a Positive Review about Your Website

Visitors to your website can play an important role in helping you improve the Alexa ranking for your website. Request the website visitors to write positive testimonials about your website on the detailed listing page of Alexa. You can provide the link on your website, on which the visitors should click to reach the page where they need to write the review. A positive review about your website is likely to help it improve the search engine & Alexa rankings.

Blog to Attract Webmasters , Bloggers

Articles written about SEO can also help improve the Alexa rankings of your page. As the webmasters are always looking for new seo tools, providing information about them in your article can help you attract them to your website. This will surely increase the number of visits and thus help you improve Alexa ranking of your website. Writing about Alexa in your blog can also come in handy in this purpose. This is likely to interest the readers of your blog to visit your website. This, in turn, will increase the number of visitors and thus, Increase Alexa rankings.

Comment in Other Sites and Provide Backlinks

It is quite significant to do proper marketing of your website. Write in different forums and create backlinks to your site. This is likely to help you increase the number of visitors to your website. This is going to have a positive effect on the Alexa ranking of the site. This procedure is followed by a large number of people to improve the Alexa ranking of their websites.


When it’s about increasing Alexa rankings, people will suggest different options related to the importance and use of the same. By and large, the above discussed ways are some of the proven ways and will definitely help to improve your Alexa rankings, if followed accurately.

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