Sunday, April 14, 2013

Off page SEO best practice 2013:

As we know there are many techniques for getting website on top ten, but from 2013 Google updates things are changed. Use top 10 off page strategies to make website ranking which is the main thing for any top SEO company. Here I put some strategies that improve your website ranking in any search engine.

Social Networking: Now a day internet become more social place and buy utilizing social networking site one can develop an online community for spreading good word for your business.

Blogging: It’s another big solution to spread tips and tricks and letting people peek for your business.

Social Bookmarking: For this you should deal with best social bookmarking website, will help you and your website to rank well.

Picture Sharing: Now a day picture sharing become most popular that will build site ranking. A picture speak 1000 words, so make a perfect picture with good images n content  and post it to popular picture website like flickr.

Video: Video making and submitting in video site are major effect on website ranking. People will find more information by video make more traffic gain for your site. You can create and submit it in Youtube, Metacafe and Dailymotion.

Press Releases: Press Release submission makes your page ranking rise through spreading of information about your company product services. By submitting your news release story in major PR site gives link back to your web page.

Answers: People have questions; and the net has answers. Specifically be involved in the questions by delivering the answers at Yahoo Answers or Cha-Cha.

Report Sharing: Another place to express information is on doc sharing websites like GoogleDocs.

Articles: If you’re trying to make your own narrative it’s also possible to go the way of fabricating your own articles. Pay a visit to sites like Ezine, Get Article, Zerys, or even create an account on Aol Voices and thread the needle the really deliberate way by experiencing these article-creation websites.

Website rankings are not elevated overnight. If you’re delicately work on above SEO strategies you’ve mastered here, you can begin seeing results in the steady upwards climb.

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