Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Block ANY Website in ALL Browsers using Windows Hosts File!

Do you know you can Completely Block certain Website Address(es) from opening in ANY browser for ALL Windows User Accounts viz. Administrator, Limited (Standard User) and Guest?

Step by Step Procedure as depicted in the above Tutorial Video:

Suppose you want to block facebook.com on your Windows 7 PC, so that NO User, whether he/she is having an Administrator Account, Limited (Standard User) Account OR Guest Account, can access facebook.com in ANY Browser in ANY way (unless he/she knows about Windows Hosts File and how to undo the changes you’ve made).

1. Windows 7 Hosts File is located at: C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc (Assuming C Drive is your Operating System Drive). Copy this location:

2. Click on Start Button >> All Programs >> Accessories and look for Notepad.

3. Now Right Click on Notepad and Select Run as Administrator:

4. Click Open… (CTRL + O) in Notepad and Paste the Hosts File Address in it >> Press Enter and Select All Files from the Drop Down Menu >> Click Open Button:

As soon as you click on Open Button, the Hosts File will open in Notepad. Now, as shown in the Video above, enter following lines at the bottom of the Hosts File:

5. Now, click on File Menu and Hit Save Option to make changes in the Hosts File of Windows 7.

The URL/Website Address(es) you enter after (Loopback IP Address) in Windows Hosts File, will NOT open in any Browser, unless you undo the changes.